Pediatric Dentist in Atlanta IL

Smalltown Dental is a pediatric dentist in Atlanta IL. Our dental services include dental cleanings, teeth whitening, emergency exams, fillings, crowns, extractions, dentures, and much more.


Our Dental Services

Specialized Dental Care for Your Child

Our Atlanta, IL practice was specifically built to suit the unique needs of local families and their children. Our state-of-the-art dental facility is devoted to the oral health of children in Atlanta, IL.


When you trust your children’s teeth to a pediatric dentist who has received advanced training in children’s dental care, you can expect:

  • A dentist who wants to help parents be involved in their children’s dental care
  • A dentist and staff with a friendly, fun demeanor who relate well to children
  • A comfortable, clean, welcoming office that’s designed to meet the needs of kids
  • A deep understanding of the unique concerns of both children and parents
  • Knowledge of dental problems that are unique to children, both common and unusual


In addition to providing dental care, we want to help educate our patients and their parents on proper oral hygiene. We discuss good nutrition, oral habits, dental trauma, and other dental needs. If restorative procedures are needed, our office environment and team make the experience as relaxed and easy as we can.

Dental Check-Ups

Your child should visit the dentist every six months for regular dental cleanings and checkups. We recommend fluoride treatments twice a year along with cleanings to keep teeth their strongest. Tooth sealants are also recommended because they "seal" the deep grooves in your child's teeth, preventing decay from forming in these hard-to-reach areas. Sealants last for several years, but will be monitored at your child's regular checkups.


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